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All-new X-men, Vol. 3: Out Of Their Depth

Allnew Xmen

Kids love All-new X-men by Brian Michael Bendis. The author is Brian Michael Bendis and it was published on the 1st of October, 2013 by Marvel. The book is 136 pages long. Obtain a copy of this book, visit our partners via the link below.


ISBN: 0785168222
Author: Brian Michael Bendis

The time-displaced young X-Men continue to adjust to a present day that's simultaneously a lot more awe-inspiring and a lot more disturbing than any future the young heroes had ever imagined for themselves. Also includes exclusive AR video content! and leaves to join the adult Cyclops and his revolutionary crew! COLLECTING: All-New X-Men 11-15. They never warned us about this sort of thing in temporal mechanics class! And as Jean Grey pushes her powers towards the limit, shaking her and the rest with the X-Men to the core, 1 of many ALL -NEW X-MEN breaks rank. Acclaimed writer Brian Michael Bendis further defines the future - and also the past - of the X-Men!


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