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X-men By Chris Claremont And Jim Lee Omnibus - Volume 1 (x-men Omnibus)

Xmen By Chris Claremont And Jim Lee

Are you looking to order a children's book? Looking into purchasing a copy of X-men By Chris Claremont And Jim Lee by Chris Claremont / Terry Austin / Ann Nocenti. The author is Chris Claremont / Terry Austin / Ann Nocenti and it was published sometime in October of 2011 by Marvel. The child's book has 720 pages. It's dimensions are 10.87"H x 7.24"L x 1.69"W. It weighs around 4.91 lbs. Allow yourself to become absorbed during this children's book.


MPN: 9780785158226
ISBN: 0785158227
Author: Chris Claremont / Terry Austin / Ann Nocenti

What happens when you combine an industry veteran inside the leading of his game with a hot, up-and-coming young artist, and let them loose on Marvel's mightiest mutants? Wolverine's hidden past with Captain America as well due to the reality the Black Widow is revealed! It's Chris Claremont's most ambitious story arc ever, featuring Jim Lee's dynamic debut troubles and significant changes to the X-Men's status quo! Collecting UNCANNY X-MEN #244-269, X-MEN ANNUAL (1970) #13 and CLASSIC X-MEN #39. The Reavers enact gruesome revenge on Wolverine and decimate Muir Island, while Psylocke is transformed into a ninja! You get a fan-favorite, multi-year X-Men run unequaled in style, pizzazz and wall-to-wall action! The Shadow King makes his play for Storm, culminating in the action-packed introduction of Gambit! And this is just the first volume! Jubilee debuts just as the X-Men disband, granted new lives by the Siege Perilous!


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