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X-men: Fallen Angels

Xmen Fallen Angels

You must get a copy of X-men: Fallen Angels a wonderful book by Jo Duffy. The author is Jo Duffy and the publisher is Marvel. This children's book was available on bookshelves in August of 2011. The child's book is 136 pages long, add to cart by selecting the link below.


ISBN: 0785155295
Author: Jo Duffy

From the pages of X-Factor: Madrox and Siryn! Mix these six unlikely allies with Devil Dinosaur, super-strong lobsters and some teenage runaways, and you've got the Fallen Angels! From the pages of X-Force: the Vanisher and Boom-Boom! What wonders await these strange heroes of Beat Street in the paradise of Coconut Grove? From the pages of New Mutants: Sunspot and Warlock!!


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