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X-men: Generation X Classic, Vol. 1

Xmen Generation X Classic

You simply must read a copy of X-men: Generation X Classic, Vol. 1 a strong children's book by Scott Lobdell. The author is Scott Lobdell and the publisher is Marvel. It went on sale in December of 2010. The children's book is 288 pages long. It's dimensions are 8.86"H x 5.75"L x 0.71"W and it weighs around 0.97 lbs. To find the best bargain on a copy for this children's book as well as other items, click on our store button on this page.


ISBN: 0785149678
Author: Scott Lobdell

The techno-organic alien race generally recognized as the Phalanx has struck! Synch, Husk, M, Skin and Blink find themselves inside the crosshairs, while Jubilee, Banshee together with the White Queen are all that's left to conserve them! Then, it's the dawning of a new day as Xavier's School opens its doors as soon as once a lot more! Collecting: Uncanny X-Men #316-318, X-Men #36-37, Generation X #1-4, Generation X Ashcan Edition, material from Generation X Collector's Preview Jubilee says goodbye towards the XMen as she joins the fl edgling Generation X, along with the sullen Chamber and the mysterious Penance-but when the marrowsucking monster known as Emplate strikes, will any employing the new college students survive their baptism of fi re? But in order to defeat the Phalanx, one specific will make the ultimate sacrifice. Targeting Earth's mutants as the only threat to their complete assimilation of the planet, the Phalanx have at present taken out the X-Men-and now they've set their sights on the next generation of mutants!


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