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X-men: Ghosts

Xmen Ghosts

You ought to read X-men: Ghosts a quality children's book. The author is Chris Claremont and it was published sometime in June of 2013 by Marvel. The child's book has 360 pages. For the greatest price on this book and other items, check out our store add to shopping cart button on this site.


ISBN: 078518449X
Author: Chris Claremont

Change is within the air for the X-Men as Rachel Summers lays claim towards the Phoenix Force, Magneto stands trial and joins the team, Professor X departs for outer space, and Cyclops becomes a father! And that's just the begin from the team's adventures, as the Beyonder erases the New Mutants from history, the futuristic Nimrod Sentinel attacks, and Mojo regresses the team to childhood! Plus: A pair of bonafide X-Men classics, as Storm duels Cyclops for team leadership, and Lady Deathstrike hunts Wolverine in a savage tale by Barry Windsor-Smith! COLLECTING: Uncanny X-Men (1963) 199-209, X-Men Annual (1970) 10


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