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X-men: Legacy - Divided He Stands (x-men (marvel Paperback))

Xmen Legacy

Written by Mike Carey and it was published by Marvel. The child's book went on sale sometime in December of 2008. The book has 120 pages. To see the low price I discovered, click on our partners via the add to shopping cart button.


ISBN: 0785130012
Author: Mike Carey

In the wake of Messiah Comple X, there are no X-Men and mutantkind nevertheless lies in ruin. With Magneto depowered and Xavier gravely injured, it seems their reign since the preeminent mutants has ended. Fresh off a groundbreaking run on Messiah Comple X, writer Mike Carey takes on mutantkind's most iconic figures, as nicely as numerous probably the most critical moments in X-Men history. Collects X-Men: Legacy #208-213. But neither of these old soldiers is willing to go gentle into that good night!


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