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X-men Legacy: Collision

Xmen Legacy Collision

Children love this terrific book. The author is Mike Carey and it was published in September of 2011 by Marvel. The child's book has 112 pages. It's dimensions are 10.16" Height x 6.61" Length x 0.39" Width and weighs around 0.55 lbs. If you prefer a copy of this book, check out the market add to shopping cart button below.


MPN: FBA-|301728
ISBN: 0785146695
Author: Mike Carey
Package Quantity: 1

Called back to India at the request of his family, Young X-Man Indra is accompanied by pals Anole and Loa, and chaperones Rogue and Magneto. Their exotic furlough turns dangerous when the city is overwhelmed by strange electromagnetic disturbances. And what will the X-Men do when the girl's family arrives, ready to return her residence by any implies needed? But the X-Men discover all is not well in Mumbai, and not just due to tensions with Indra's parents. Is the mysterious runaway a new mutant, or some thing else entirely? In the wake of a specifically violent magnetic storm, the team encounters a super-powered girl utilizing a squad of mutant-hunting Sentinels hot on her tail. Collecting X-MEN LEGACY #238-241- plus OHOTMU-style profiles for Anole, Indra, Loa, Magneto, Rogue and the Children of the Vault!


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