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X-men: Lifedeath

Xmen Lifedeath

You must read a copy of X-men: Lifedeath an extremely good child's book. The author is Chris Claremont and the publisher is Marvel. It was available on the 27th of July, 2011. The child's book is 152 pages long. If you prefer a copy of this children's book, click on our store add to shopping cart button on this page.


ISBN: 0785155244
Author: Chris Claremont

Revolutionary artist Barry Windsor-Smith takes on the Uncanny X-Men! And Dazzler is hunted by the Marauders, with only the X-Men to conserve her! The original X-Men go toe-to-toe against Blastaar, deadly menace from the Negative Zone! Spiral and Lady Deathstrike target Wolverine for death! Storm and Forge find themselves trapped on a primitive paradise world with no hope of escape!


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