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X-men: Phoenix Rising

Xmen Phoenix Rising

X-men: Phoenix Rising is a must own children's book. Written by Roger Stern / John Byrne / Bob Layton / Chris Claremont and it was published by Marvel. The book became available sometime in 2011. The children's book is 144 pages long. To buy a copy at the lowest price, visit the add to cart button below.


ISBN: 0785157867
Author: Roger Stern / John Byrne / Bob Layton / Chris Claremont

The mother of all back-from-the-dead stories! Mutantkind's most remarkable resurrection, spread across three titles: AVENGERS, FANTASTIC FOUR and X-FACTOR! Collecting AVENGERS (1963) #263, FANTASTIC FOUR (1961) #286, X-FACTOR (1986) #1, and material from CLASSIC X-MEN #8 and #43 Jean Grey was touched by cosmic power, Jean Grey went insane and destroyed a world, Jean Grey sacrificed her life to conserve the universe - but it wasn't Jean Grey at all! Guest-starring the Sensational She-Hulk, the Incredible Hercules and more!


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