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X-men Pop-up (marvel True Believers Retro Character Collection)

Xmen Popup
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You simply must read a copy of X-men Pop-up a strong child's book by Inc. Marvel Characters. The author is Inc. Marvel Characters and the publisher is Candlewick. It went on sale in August of 2007. This version is the 1st ed. is 16 pages long and it includes different colorfully illustrated pages. It emphasizes Pop-up books and X-Men. It's dimensions are 10.6"H x 10.25"L x 1.52"W and it weighs around 1.54 lbs. To find the best bargain on a copy for this child's book as well as other items, click on our store button on this page.


ISBN: 076363462X
Author: Inc. Marvel Characters

Metallic pop-ups on every single spread! Celebrate the select team of mutant teenage heroes called the X-Men! This second in a series for real Marvel fans attributes original 1960s comic-book excerpts, leap-out-at-you metallic pop-ups, dramatic action-packed gatefolds, and slide-out fact files on such classic Marvel characters as Professor Xavier, Cyclops, Magneto, Storm, Nightcrawler, Banshee, and Colossus. Kwa-thoom!


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