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X-men: The Wedding Of Cyclops And Phoenix

Xmen The Wedding Of Cyclops And Phoenix

Written by Fabian Nicieza / Scott Lobdell / Glenn Herdling / Kurt Busiek and it was published in October of 2012 by Marvel. The child's book has 408 pages. The book is 10"H x 0.91"L x 5.98"W. It weighs something like 1.4 lbs. To get your personal copy of this children's book, click on our partners via the link below.


ISBN: 0785162909
Author: Fabian Nicieza / Scott Lobdell / Glenn Herdling / Kurt Busiek

These are tense times for the X-Men. Or will the looming darkness nonetheless consume them all? But amid the darkness, a ray of light shines - as longtime lovebirds Cyclops and Phoenix announce their engagement! Professor X has captured Sabretooth and locked him within the mansion basement, hoping to eventually cure his raging bloodlust. Collecting X-MEN (1991) #27-30 and ANNUAL #2, X-MEN UNLIMITED (1993) #3, UNCANNY X-MEN (1963) #308-310 and ANNUAL #18, X-MEN: THE WEDDING ALBUM, and WHAT IF? The X-Men and their extended family members come together to celebrate the union of mutantdom's most star-crossed couple - but will this joyous occasion revitalize the X-Men, and supply them with new hope together with a new path for the future? The Legacy virus, which has already killed several mutants both friend and foe, threatens to develop to be a globally epidemic. (1989) #60.


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